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Emil Pagliarulo interview at Strategy Core

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Emil Pagliarulo interview at Strategy Core

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 20 July 2007, 20:52:15

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Strategy Core has teamed up with NMA and asked Emil Pagliarulo a few questions:

Edit: I missed this little PR gem:

What it comes down to is that we're all Fallout fans. We love the original games. (But) not every Fallout fan wants a turn-based isometric game." Emil Pagliarulo, Lead Designer, Fallout 3.​
Of course not. Most Fallout fans want Fallout meets Halo.

When you level you get skill points, and the number of skill points you get are based on your intelligence. So you can put those toward your skills and the primary tag skills get more points added when you level up.

The same as the original game?
Really similar to the original game.
There are a lot of weapons. I was surprised looking at our weapon list and seeing how many we had. There are the Fallout weapon skills: big guns, small guns, energy weapons, melee, unarmed which are all fully exploited, so we have weapons for them all. We also have a series of custom made weapons that you can construct if you find a schematic and the right junk in the wasteland. So yes, there are quite a few weapons.

Can you add scopes or silencers to weapons?
No, you can't. We don't allow you to modify existing guns to customize them. For example, you can't take a pistol you've been using and add a scope to it. It's more like finding an old motorcycle gas can and an old sword blade and creating an entirely new weapon.
When Todd and I first started prototyping VATS, we played other real time games like Call of Duty and Halo.
he amount of interaction through dialog is three times what we had in Oblivion. There's a really strong stealth component. There are a lot of paths through the quests and some are non-violent. That said, you can't wander off into the wasteland and expect to live.
Is the Enclave in the game? The presentation mentioned their radio station.
I don't know what you’re talking about. (laughter) We're not talking about that.

Will there be aliens in the game?
(makes a face) No. (laughter)

Alien weaponry?
(pause, another face) These are things I'm not supposed to talk about.
So is the DC Brotherhood of Steel the same Brotherhood of Steel that was on the West Coast? Is it nationwide?
You’re the only person that asked me that question. I'm surprised that no one else has. Let me just say that its come up a lot that "How did the Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel get on the East Coast?". We answer those questions in the game and there's a reason why they're there. They are somehow connected to the other Brotherhood of Steel but we cover those bases within the game. (Note: it appears that the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3 is not the West Coast one but an offshoot that was mentioned in Fallout: Tactics. In that game, a blimp expedition from the West Coast was sent over the Rockies to follow the retreating Super Mutants. The lead blimp crashes near Chicago and the survivors set up their own version of the Brotherhood of Steel. It may be that BOS that is battling the Super Mutants in DC, or maybe another one created by the blimps that did not crash in Chicago but continued eastward. Just an educated guess...)​
It's disappointing that you can't upgrade your equipment in a meaningful way. A scope or a silencer would have been nice, especially in a first-person game.

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