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Oblivion preview at ActionTrip

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Oblivion preview at ActionTrip

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 26 October 2004, 02:12:05

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

ActionTrip has posted a preview of Oblivion. There is nothing new here, but recycled bits and pieces of previously released info, and wild speculations like Xbox exclusivity and such.

The driving motivation behind this particular combat system is the unfamiliarity of console gamers with the intricacies of traditional RPG game play. Some console gamers would be wondering why the sword missed the opponent even though the blow was dead on, and how the opponent was able to spot them when they were hiding so well. Go figure.​
Yeah, the stupidity of console gamers is legendary

I don't remember ever reading about a more complex game project in my life. I certainly hope that Bethesda comes through on their promises and we get to play the kind of game they have envisioned Oblivion to be (Fable left a bad taste in my mouth in that sense). For us single-player RPG junkies this would be a dream come true, a huge open-ended fantasy world to lose ourselves in. I tell you what though, if Oblivion turns out to be as kick-ass as Bethesda claims it will (barring any major delays or unforeseen issues that could arise from designing such a complex game), I know that my wife will personally fly over to Maryland to kick Tod Howard's ass. "This is for taking my husband away from me and having me use dildos, you bastard!" These will probably be the last words Tod ever hears as one of the katanas I have laying around at home will end up being lodged in his skull.​
I think she should kill Todd with a dildo then, it would be more symbolic.

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