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New generation reviews Oblivion (must see to believe)

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New generation reviews Oblivion (must see to believe)

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 25 April 2006, 19:57:15

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Warning: The content of the following site may completely erase your intelligence. Parental and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

An unusual (major understatement) looking site, called eXetreMe GamerZ, has posted the most idiotic game review I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen some really bad shit. It happened to be a review of Oblivion, and I'll post it in full, because it's definitely one of a kind:

The Elder Scrolls IV:


Every once in a while a game arises to the Market, and you just know it's just gonna be a hit. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is one of those games.


As most Elder Scrolls games you start off as a prisoner. This one is no different. This time however, you are in the capital of Cyrodiil. In fact that is the capital of the whole Empire. Unlike Morrowind, Oblivion allows the player to explore the WHOLE province. In turn this is about 2 and a half times the size of Morrowind. Any real gamer would know that's HUGE.


In previous games, nearly EVERYTHING was scripted, but not anymore! Oblivion opens the downs to a whole new Ai system. This allows NPC's to go about a schedule, which may include eating, sleeping and/or ambushing someone or something.


Since Morrowind came out, there has been no RPG big enough and powerful enough to take its crown. Oblivion has down that in style, with a whole new reworked HUD system, as well as inventory and map.

The new map is a lot different to what was expected from the old one. This one has a quest marker which will guide you on locations and quests. As well as the new quick travel system. Unlike Morrowind were you walked everywhere. Oblivion has the option that if you've already traveled there, then you have the fast travel option. This is VERY convenient for quest in the far wilderness.

When I first played Oblivion I though my computer was broken. In a good way, the graphics were magical, the shadows over whelming. The details and expressions on people’s faces were amazing. You have from to , not many games even bother with these things. The detail on smaller objects and weapons is fantastic. Weapons reflect light in this, as well as don't have that stupid glow on them when enchanted.


One thing that caught my eye while playing was the way NPC's interacted. Once while raiding a carven I overheard two NPC's talking. It went like this -

"Did you here about Kvatch?" - Orc

"Yes, its horrible to thing that this kind of thing could happen" - Redguard

At that time I started to play mind games on the two. Quickly I moved around in the shadows, staying hidden. While the whole time they were saying -

"Who's there?"

"Did you hear that?"

Then I burst out from behind them and sliced the Orc down. The Redguard started to frantically swing his Silver Claymore at me, missing each time. After about 20 seconds he yelled -

"I'm outta here" and started running surprisingly fast. I quickly drew my bow and took a pot luck shot at his head. Sure enough he collapsed to the floor. As I approached his corpse I saw an arrow sticking from his neck. I checked his corpse and sure enough he had some good loot, so I took it all. But it was too much. I was full but only by a bit. So I got rid of all my arrows. Which I shot one by one into the Redguards back. They have been there for about one month game time now. This shows the great power and memory the game posses.

You’re Choice

The customization features of this game are incredible. From the VERY start you get to choose your characters facial features, hair, eye color and even your skin color. No other game on the Market would let you do this. During the game you can customize your character as well. From your armor to clothes to nothing at all (except giant nappy stays on) you get to pick what you wear. NPC's will also talk to you in a better manor if you’re better dressed rather then rags or nothing.


Already Bethesda has brought out three official mods. The Horse Armor mod, the Orrery, and the Wizard Tower. These cost about 2$ each but for the content are well worth it. Oblivion also has a Construction set which allows any one to make their own plug-in for the game. Mods can also be easily added into the game through a built-in system, which enables the user to make only certain mods active.


Knowing how a game is is hard until you've played it for yourself. Although if your a vivid gamer you will know that Bethesda produces quality games, and if you've played Morrowind you can just tell your gonna get glued. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, 9.7/10​
Unbelievable. It's like a trip to a zoo.

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