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Top 10 Gods of The Elder Scrolls

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Top 10 Gods of The Elder Scrolls

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 13 April 2011, 10:18:24

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You yearn to visit Skyrim. You've been to Oblivion and Morrowind. These deities made them all possible.
Attention Elder Scrolls loremasters, it's time to show off your knowledge while discussing the topic of this IGN article, the top 10 Elder Scrolls deities.


Vivec is a floating golden Dumner poet-demigod. And if you hadn't previously asked yourself why the hell you're reading this article, you certainly did when you read that sentence. You are welcome. Now, on with the lesson. Vivec is seen as a benevolent protector by his worshippers. They conveniently ignore the fact that he may also be a murdering weirdo. But he writes sweet poems and taught the Dark Elves how to breathe underwater, so I can see how they overlook the bad bits. Great, just what we need: elves who can breathe underwater. It's gross enough when your leg brushes up against a mud crab as you cross a river. Now we have to worry about elves swimming around down there? Yuck. Thanks for nothing, Vivec. Still, he's gold and he floats. Awesome. Sure, he's not technically a god anymore (it's complicated), but who's keeping track?


Ah, Akatosh. If the power of a god derives in part from his sheer age, then Aka is the biggest and baddest of them all. How many gods can say they formed in "the Beginning Place"? Yeah, that's what I thought. The goofy necklace that Patrick Stewart wears at the beginning of Oblivion? That's the Amulet of Kings, and its destruction summoned Akatosh in the form of an enormous flaming dragon. It was Akatosh who defeated Mehrunes Dagon and saved Cyrodil from being sucked into Oblivion. Aka is one of only two deities to appear in every single religion in Tamriel; even most of the dirty elves acknowledge him!

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