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Pete Hines interview at GameStar

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Pete Hines interview at GameStar

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 24 August 2007, 16:50:51

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

GameStar has posted a video interview with Pete Hines. Here is a snippet:

Can the Oblivion engine, which you are using, is it actually useful for turn-based combat, could it do it?

I have no idea, 'cause we...I mean, it's just not something we ever seriously considered. You know, the Elder Scrolls isn't turn-based combat...and Fallout we just never really felt like that was a viable option. So at the end of the day we just felt like, if you're gonna do it in first-person, if you want it to be as immersive as possible, what kind of combat can we do that stays true to what Fallout presented in terms of tactical choice and being able to make decisions in combat and, you know, having that be really cool and memorable, but still do it in this immersive first- and third-person sort of over-the-shoulder perspective and that's ultimately what we went with.​
That's nice, dear.

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