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Todd Howard: 15 years of screwing up Elder Scrolls

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Todd Howard: 15 years of screwing up Elder Scrolls

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 16 August 2009, 13:22:37

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Planet Elder Scrolls has an exclusive interview with Todd Howard. After getting through the history lesson at the start, you get to the meat:

What is your name?
Todd Howard​
Deep. Moving on:

Have previous Elder Scrolls games had an effect on the development of later Elder Scrolls games? And if so, what are some examples?
Of course. So much of what we do is a reaction to the last game. Just listening to people’s experiences with the previous game flavors what we do with the next one. If you look at Oblivion, the big new things, like the AI or the combat, were a reaction to the key criticisms of Morrowind. At the same time, we really try to do something new in each game. We want to keep the series fresh and usually start a game by trying to make the ‘end-all-be-all RPG’, regardless of what came before. I stay away from +1 sequels. Meaning, ‘it’s just like that game – plus this.’ I think that’s a good way to burn out your franchise. Most fans will usually ask for more skills or more races, things like that. But I don’t see those kinds of things adding to the experience. I wouldn’t add a race, I would ask ‘how can playing an Orc be even more unique?’ It’s about meaningful choice, not more choice.
What has been Bethesda’s goal(s) when developing The Elder Scrolls games over the last 15 years?
Each time out, we want to give people the biggest craziest game they’ve ever seen. A game where you can fantasize about who you would be and what you would do, and this is the one game that will let you do that.
What is your favorite story from working at Bethesda over the years?
Pete Hines won’t let me tell it. But it’s awesome. So awesome.​
Todd Howard and Pete Hines: The Untold Love Story.

Thanks luzur!

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