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Emil Pagliarulo: Fallout was real time!

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Emil Pagliarulo: Fallout was real time!

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 3 August 2007, 20:58:22

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Emil Pagliarulo, Fallout 3 LEAD DESIGNER, has boldly stated that Fallout was actually a real-time rpg in this interview:

Fallout wasn't a turn-based strategy game...it wasn't a turn-based RPG for that matter. It was real-time RPG with turn-based combat. So capturing the spirit of Fallout really has nothing to do with where you put your camera. It has nothing to do with your engine. It has everything to do with the way you approach the setting, the characters, the ironic humor, that sort of thing.
Fallout 3 is really strongly character driven, and we really concentrate on the relationship between the player character and his/her father, voiced by Liam Neeson. Dad has raised you in Vault 101 your whole life, and then one day, he takes off. He leaves the vault. Nobody has ever done that. Why did he leave? Where did he go? So you leave the vault in search of your father.
There was never any question that Fallout 3 would first/third-person, fully 3D and interactive. For the first time, we're allowing Fallout players to fully enter into the universe they love so much. It's what we do best, and we're immensely proud of that fact.​
Emil is such a great addition to the Fallout team.

Thanks, Kingston

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