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Todd Howard's favourite colour

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Todd Howard's favourite colour

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 20 June 2008, 10:43:29

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Executive Producer Todd Howard has spilled his guts at IGN. They put him in their "hot seat" and quizzed him with some seriously tough and difficult questions. Here's one:

IGN: Does your work say anything about you?

Todd Howard: That I've never really grown out of my love of the 100 hour adventures of my Apple 2 days. The ones I would go to bed dreaming about solving. I crave moments of discovery in games, the moments of "can I do this?" and the sense that I have found something no other player has. I want my games to have that. I want length and depth and hint books that can kill a child if dropped on them.​
Yeah that's pretty much the only interesting question. The rest pretty much suck along the lines of "What's your favourite colour?". Okay, so they don't actually ask that but they do ask when the last time he became drunk was. It's important information to know when you're interviewing an Executive Producer of an upcoming computer game.

If you want something more interesting. Read his interview over on the guardian:

In what ways does modern console technology allow you to create amore compelling post-apocalyptic landscape?

It may sound stupid, but just the sheer amount of stuff we can put on the screen. I'm a firm believer that better graphics make a better experience, and we really stress it. We sweat all the small graphic details. It's a mix of scale with small details. Like a giant destroyed building that casts a great silhouette from the distance, but when you get up close, you can see how decayed and chipped away the concrete is. You can almost smell the dust when you stick your face in it. You really need both, the micro and macro details to pull it off, and the latest hardware really helps that.​
BUY IT! IT'S SHINY! And if that's not enough for you... You can watch Todd Howard on X-Play.

Spotted @ Brother None actually works for these people?

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