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Oblivion mage quests (highly intricate stuff)

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Oblivion mage quests (highly intricate stuff)

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 25 February 2006, 22:11:02

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

New Gaming Radio's mp3 thingy has detailed descriptions of several mage quests, so take a look. Alternatively, you can read that whole thing in this post at TES forums, if you can handle the "presentation":

- To get to the Mages University in the Imperial City you have to get a referral from each mage guild in each city.

- 1 Mage Guild Referall quest he did was in Bruma wherein a mage has disappared and the head mage was really worried. Bruma was described as a log cabin type town, when he got there there was a huge snowstorm, so visibility was downgraded, and most NPCS were inside their houses. The char investigated the situation, asking around. This really shady NPC Mage seemed to know, so the char persuaded him to tell more info about the disappearance. The NPC mage agreed, and npc told him to meet him later on tonight in the basement. SO the char rested awhile in the mages guild quarters in Bruma, and when nightfall came he visited the basement, and behold, the NPC mage was there. They conversed for awhile, and suddenly the NPC mage casted a spell and the Missing mage suddenly appeared. The situation wasn't as bad as it seemed to be, the Missing mage and the NPC mage were just playing a prank on the head mage because they disliked him, thus using an invisible spell to worry the head mage. After the quest, the head mage was relieved and the char. got a referral from teh mage guild in Bruma. This all took in about 20 minutes to complete. Note, that this quest was one of the first quest he took after getting out of the prologue dungeon, so i guess quest are scaled to your level? Are they? Anywayz, THe char then went on to the next city - Lagawiin all the way to the south.

= The Mages guild in Legawiin was also in some deep [censored], and the head mage girl was going crazy. Legawiin is described as a woodsy type esque town, very pleasant. So it turns out, the reason the Head mage girl is going crazy and people think she is on crack is because she lost her dead fathers amulet and she was seeing visions of spirits and ghosts.
She says, that her father died in a fort not to long ago, and this amulet was given to her, without it, she goes crazy and sees ghosts and spirits. She said to try and investigate the grave of her father in the Fort, and maybe you could find the amulet there. So the char. heads on to the fort, he is given a quest pointer in the map, which is very helpfull, since you could get lost so easily. You can't immmedietely fast travel to that quest location because it hasn't been discovered yet, but the quest pointer really makes it helpfull in getting there by foot/horse. So the char get to the fort after encountering several monsters and bandits on the way there. HE gets to the fort and it is garissoned by more bandits, so he plows his way all the way through the fort until he reaches the grave, and low and behold the amulet is inside the cask of the father!. (The fort was described as "very active" btw, and bustling with activity). But tehre was a surprise! On the way out of the the fort, this shady lone mage steps in your way and blocks your path! He seems to be a psycopath since he is obsessed about making the head mage girl crazy and depressed, so he doesen't want you to return the amulet to her. He says that you will die just like his father did in the fort!, so the char. (A mage too BTW), duels this mage outside the fort entrance and almost looses his life, but in teh end his destruction spells and summoning spells outst the mage. He doesen't want to take the trek back to Bruma and knows he is pressed for time, so he just fast travels back to Bruma and returns the amulet to the head mage, and she becomes normal again, also the char. gets a referral from the mage's guild of Bruma. So now the char has 2 mages guild referrals, 6 more to go.

-There is 1 more referral quest that he did, before he had to go, and that was in the city of anvil. Describes as very medieval and active port city, with alot of blacksmiths where all teh good weapons are. To destroy the rumor of cities not being active, he litereally saw 20+ people in view, in the port section of the town!!. ANywayz the mage guild quest was that merchants were being killed around town frequently, and what their worried about is that the killer seems to be a mage since all the deaths of the victims were from ice spells. He asks you to go to the nearby tavern and inestigate. he also asks you to disguise as a merchant. You do so and you walk in, people are hustling, gambling, drinking, etc, very active. You ask the bartender if they knkow anything, the bartender seems reluctant to say anyting, but this nearby girl mage in the tavern too, whispers to you to go speak to her, you do so, and she seems very nervous, she tells you that she thinks the murderer is in this very tavern!, she tells you to get a room for the night and she will meet up with you up there when night comes. Now the guy really thought that this nervous girl was really the murderer and was prepared for anything that might happen, he really thought he was going to get ambushed in the room, but nevertheless he rented a room, when he entered the room, a mage was in the room, not the nervous girl mage, but an older mage, he was just sitting there, and greeted you then left, really shady. So you rested for the night, and when you woke up the nervous girl was there...she didn't attack you, but stayed true to her word and she told you that the mage that was waiting for you in teh room earlier was teh murderer :0 , she told you that to lure him, you had to go outside the tavern and walk this certain path. really exposing yourself to the murdeer (Note that this took place at night and most people where in their houses, and the guards were mostly stationed in the port area, far from this tavern). So the char. walks outside the tavern and walks the path, suddenly the murderer appears out of the tavern and runs to you and shouts that hes going to kill you and steal all your money! This mage was very powerfull and the player couldn't take him 1on1, the mage was casting summoning spells and ice spells that did major damage, but alas the nervous mage girl from the tavern rushed out and helped you out, she blasted and charred the mage to hell! and instantly killed him. Misssion acomplished! and you got your referral from the guild in Anvil!.....​

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