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Oblivion preview at VGL

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Oblivion preview at VGL

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 28 July 2005, 17:02:29

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

VGL has posted a preview of Oblivion. There is nothing special about the preview other than expected errors and inconsistencies, but the readers' comments are very entertaining:

The Elder scrolls series is one of the most established RPG names out there, with the first game being released in 1994 on the PC. The series is still going strong, and the games have always been at the forefront of pushing technology and attempting to <s>raise</s> lower the bar in terms of what an RPG game should be about and what the player can do in it.​

This article sucked! I was never bored with the vastness of Morrowind.
My only hope is that bethesda keeps making games like morrowind, to satisfy the true gamers, rather than the graphic junkies.
this is going to be the greatest game of all time.
Bad Article lots of blah, nothing new or exciting, it doesn't do the game any justice. If your interested in learning more about the new game instead of this guys opinion on morrowind hit up Gamespot or Gamespy, read how the lady starts her dog on fire and maybe you'll get as pumped for the game as I am.​
That's hilarious! See what happens when you target the lowest common denominator? "Oblivion is awesome! You can like set your dog on fire and do stuff!"

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