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Yet another Fallout 3 preview

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Yet another Fallout 3 preview

Preview - posted by Ausir on Fri 15 February 2008, 23:28:01

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Gameplayer Australia has a new preview of Bethesda's Fallout 3. It's based on the same demo that the NMA ninjas saw and thus has almost nothing new, except for a new screenshots and some comments by Pete Hines:

The Super-mutants are humans infected by FEV – the Forced Evolutionary Virus, designed by the military to adapt humans to survive in the post-nuclear world. Sadly, as well as making them tough, near-immortal and super-strong, it also normally renders them stupid and aggressive. “Once this virus takes hold it makes you sterile,” says Hines “so the only way to continue the race of Super-mutants is to capture people and infect them.” We can’t guess where the Behemoth comes from, unless they infected an elephant, but as he’s carrying a car door as a shield and a fire hydrant on a tree as a club, and is about three stories high, we’re guessing he’s not friendly.​
Wonder if the part about FEV being created "to adapt humans to survive in the post-nuclear world" is from Hines or from Gameplayer. Well, at least they're still sterile. You can read the rest of the preview here.

Spotted at: No Mutants Allowed

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