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Morrowind Revisited by RPGWatch

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Morrowind Revisited by RPGWatch

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 18 August 2010, 14:45:26

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

RPGWatch put up an editorial which is part retrospective, part love-letter. Learn how mods made Morrowind awesome. Eh, I mean... even more awesome than it already was. It was awesome, I presume?

But this ain't your father's Morrowind anymore

Thanks to mods, Morrowind today is far better than when Bethesda delivered it to us back in 2002.  Modders have taken on just about every aspect of the game.
Remember those ugly characters that looked like they were ready for embalming?  No more!  Remember soloing impossible battles against a roomful of baddies?  Now take a companion along.   Want to see something new?  Take on any of the dozens of new islands, fortresses, adventures, etc.  Unhappy with some of the balance issues or lack of weapons?  Just pick through all the mods that address almost every aspect of game play.  Fed up with NPCs blocking your path and nowhere to go?  Add a command to ask them to move.
With Morrowind and mods, everything is the same, and yet everything is delightfully different.
And the conclusions can be applied to other games too:

Dragon Age will have a far longer shelf life and sell far more copies for more years (at a higher price!) than will Mass Effect.  Do I have some great crystal ball?  No.  But I know the power of mods.  Dragon Age mods have already added greatly to my fun of the game.  One in particular, called "Advanced Tactics" is so close to how I like to play a party-based RPG that it is one of the best mods for any game I have ever seen.  Perhaps it is useless to someone else based on their play style -- but that is the point.  (I will avoid the temptation to discuss other DA mods -- that is for another time, perhaps.)  The bottom line for Bioware is that someone named "Anakin" wrote a mod that was so close to what I seek in a "perfect" RPG that he/she doubled my satisfaction with Bioware's game.
Anakin, eh? Probably a lightsaber mod. Ok that would have doubled my satisfaction too, I've always been a big friend of lightsabers.
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