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Fallout 3 hits E3!

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Fallout 3 hits E3!

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 12 July 2007, 22:19:43

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Here is what professional gaming journalists - the ancient guardians of quality and design excellence - think of the Fallout 3 E3 show:

Joystiq's impressions:

As a fan of the original franchise, we're impressed by Bethesda's ability to retain the core elements of the franchise and improve upon mechanics. ...

The violence and humor are still very much a part of the Fallout universe. ... a sign outside of the vault that read "Let us in motherfuckers".

The atmosphere of the game (and its soundtrack) is very akin to the 1950s look of the first two Fallout titles, yet as Ron Perlman explains, the nuclear destruction happens in 2077. According to Howard, we're dealing with the future as envisioned from the past ...
It's so great to read a preview written by the fans of the series. I also like this Howard fella, who invented this "future of the 50's" concept. He sounds really smart.

Action points, used for the turn-based combat mode V.A.T.S., are being designed to regenerate fast enough so that gamers can use it almost exclusively for fighting.
*nods with approval* Good idea. Turn-based combat shouldn't slow people down.
IGN's impressions:

We're still convinced that Bethesda is on the right track to bring Fallout to a new generation of gamers while also staying true to the spirit of the franchise.

To begin with, we learned a bit more about the Tunnel Snakes, the gang of bullies who inhabit the Vault, and the object of their attention, the young girl with whom you've had a lifelong friendship. We won't spoil the details of the story, but the connections definitely add some weight to the story.
Wow! Not only do I get a dad - played by Liam Neeson!, but I also get a lifelong girlfriend, hopefully played by Monica Bellucci. Is that a great storytelling or what?
Action Trip's impressions:

The RPG elements in Fallout 3, naturally, play a big role...
Great! I like shooters with well developed RPG elements.

As you know, the old Fallout series was turn-based, and Fallout 3 sort of continues that spirit.
I suppose one can put it this way...

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