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The most idiotic developer's profile

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The most idiotic developer's profile

None - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 6 June 2007, 21:08:45

Tags: Bethesda Softworks

Since words failed me, I'll just post the link and the article:

It's easy to be critical about a game. Typing "THE GRAFIX SUKS" in all caps on a forum takes hardly any effort at all. What we sometimes do not realize is somewhere out there is a team of people that spent countless hours working to create those graphics. Even if the graphics are below average, an amazing amount of effort was put forth to produce them. I have had my hand in making games in the past, and I can be totally sympathetic to the challenges of the industry. But who are these mysterious developers? Where did they come from? What are they working on now? Those are the questions that I hope to answer.

Who are they? Bethesda Softworks, LLC

When were they founded? 1986

Where are they now? Rockville, Maryland

How do I know them? The Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout series

What are they working on? The Elder Scrolls V, Fallout 3

Anything else we should know? Bethesda is credited with the creation of the first physics-based sports simulation (Gridiron) in 1986. That title led to Bethesda's creation of the first John Madden Football game for Electronic Arts.​

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