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Morrowind reviewed by an EXPART

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Morrowind reviewed by an EXPART

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 15 October 2004, 14:04:02

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

GamersInfo, a relatively new site, has posted Morrowind review which was apparently written by an expert - "You could say I'm an expert at what makes a good RPG".

The options in Morrowind are boggling and at times you feel overwhelmed, but hard core RPGers will love this. It's a feature not a bug, as they say in the business. You get this impression right off the bat. The boys at Bethesda give you 3 ways to create your character. You can answer some questions and take the class they come up with, choose from a list of 21 default classes, or you can create a custom class. You may be one of ten races, each with special abilities specific to that race, and you can even choose what zodiac sign you were born under for some added special abilities. Once you have your race chosen, you'll get to alter your facial appearance. Bear in mind that there aren't any opportunities to see your face in the game though (no mirrors); however, you can go into third-person mode and have a look. Morrowind is every bit a true RPG in these respects.

Now let's face it. Most games today are about killing things. Even old school RPGs were mostly about killing things. Morrowind doesn't depart from this formula. Where it does depart from older RPGs is that the combat is all real-time first person hack and slash. Don't worry though! It's not pure first person mayhem. You won't feel like you're just button mashing and dodging fireballs. The combat is a bit slower paced than that.​
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