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Bethesda developer on the FO fans reaction

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Bethesda developer on the FO fans reaction

Community - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 15 July 2004, 02:57:19

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Saw that at NMA. There is a <a href=http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=ed5ecf9d7f64ad61508247a5a3f2d87c&threadid=1127662&perpage=40&pagenumber=1>thread[/url] at Something Awful about Fallout 3 where a fella named HayT, who, according to NMA, is one of the developers, expressed his opinion on the reaction of the Fallout fans.

Hardcore Fallout fans are already registering accounts on the Elder Scrolls forums for the sole purpose of telling us how much we suck, and that this is the worst decision in the history of the industry. Hooray!
I felt a little guilty posting this, knowing that ropekid was going to see it. I certainly understand his frustration, and I hope that we don't let him down.
To the folks asking us to not make Fallout just like Morrowind:
Gee, thanks. We never would've thought of that, had you not mentioned it. I was already writing up design docs that included entire plot lines about cliffracers; I guess maybe now I'll get rid of those, thanks to your quick thinking.
I am desperately trying to keep up with everything being posted here, on the official forums, NMA, and a few other places. (I stopped reading RPG codex because it made my head hurt.)
I also need to find time to play through Fallout 2 now, which is a game I never got to. Don't know when the hell that's going to happen, as I'm a little behind on work as it is.
Edit: personal thought - I find it fascinating that so many people simply assume we're going to re-texture Morrowind, change a few lines of dialogue, and release a new game. Aside from the fact that I've already said we recognize that the Fallout world is one QUITE different from the Elder Scrolls, I know all too well where Morrowind fell short, and I assure you that we're quite capable of learning from it.
Yeah, you'd think the Gamespot interview would've calmed them down some, but now they're more angry than ever. NERD RAGE!​
Friendly fella, aint he? Please note that he said "I know where MW fell short" instead of reassuring folks that it will be a completely different (isometric and TB) game. NERD RAGE!!!!! :)

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