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Oblivion - spiritual successor to Fallout!

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Oblivion - spiritual successor to Fallout!

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 5 October 2007, 15:34:13

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Comedy Gold, brought to you by Bethesda Softworks:

"One question. Lots of answers. We asked the team: What did you like best about the original Fallout games?"

Emil Pagliarulo, Designer
I loved the true open-endedness of the world, and the fact that I was this lone guy in a completely unknown world...​
Which is why you now have a prominent and dramatic father who is your moral compass and the main quest.

... and had the power to shape my own destiny in whatever way I saw fit. In Fallout, the Vault Dweller could be anything I wanted. So in a lot of ways Fallout was the progenitor of the “sandbox” game, and its principles have been replicated in everything from Oblivion to Grand Theft Auto.​
Does ignorance truly know no bounds?

Dane Olds, Artist
My favorite moment from Fallout was when I discovered the sheer destructive power of grenades. I got into a fight with some bandits and was in way over my head. ...​
The sheer destructive power of grenades, you say?

Todd Vaughn, VP of Development
Murdering everyone in Shady Sands.​

Ryan Ashford, QA
The first time I played Fallout 1 and got Power Armor and a Plasma Rifle (I didn’t know about the Turbo Plasma Rifle yet), I created a save, and killed every single person in every single town I’d ever been to.​

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