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Emil Pagliarullo interviewed by Playstation Magazine

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Emil Pagliarullo interviewed by Playstation Magazine

Interview - posted by Elwro on Thu 3 January 2008, 13:56:16

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

A transcript of a recent interview with Emil Pagliarullo, Fallout 3's lead designer was posted on the GameFAQs forums. Here's a snippet:

PTOM: Your resume includes the "Thief" series and "Oblivion" (particularly Dark Brotherhood quests,) so you like the sneak-and-stab style of gameplay?

EP I love the subtlety of that type of gameplay, taking a break from the frenetic action to approach a scenario more methodically. So yeah, playing the sneaking, back-stabbing type of character is very possible in "Fallout 3." In fact, there's a particular stealth tactic made infamous in the previous "Fallout" games, and we're really psyched to have that in "Fallout 3." I'll give you a hint- it involves pockets and explosives.
I remember how smart I felt when I did this for the first time, to Metzger in the Den. (And then the game crashed.) Anyway, I wonder if Bethesda is going to improve Oblivion's stealth system...

Spotted at: Fallout 3: A Post Nuclear Blog

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