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GamersMark's detailed Oblivion criticism

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GamersMark's detailed Oblivion criticism

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 1 March 2006, 15:57:06

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

GamersMark has posted detailed Oblivion impressions, that's focused neither on the face generator nor on the starting dungeon:

The battle system itself is indeed improved over Morrowind but that’s not exactly saying much. The combat melee system used to wield various swords, axes, and hammers is still a very simple one. To most gamers, this is a great characteristic, since a complicated battle system isn’t one that lends itself well to newcomers or casual gamers, but for those more experienced gamers who’ve played as a fair number of sword-wielding heroes -- Oblivion’s melee system may just seem bland and awfully repetitive as the same two or three animations are repeated each time you swing one of the game’s many melee weapons
While lock-picking in Oblivion may not be as intuitive as it is in Splinter Cell, it’s just as annoying, or can be. Using the two lock-picking prongs, you have to push the pins of the lock up and set them in place before they come crashing down breaking your set of tools.
With that said, two bandits sprung and tried to take me down. I took one out but luckily an imperial soldier rode up with his horse and came to my aid to help me take out the other. By "help me" I actually mean, do it on his own, because I just ran and stole the soldier’s horse from under him and rode away as he ran after me, which he was to no avail.

Alas! I had finally acquired that steed I’ve wanted, but crap -- this stallion is no Epona, or even Argo for that matter. It’s just a nightmare.

To my dismay, riding on horseback isn’t the most enjoyable experience in Oblivion. I wasn’t too pleased to discover that a horse doesn’t seem to be able to gallop at faster speeds as one would in a Legend of Zelda game, GUN or Shadow the Colossus, or even jump. Being a fan of most games that offer some type of horseback riding, I was quite annoyed with this. Not to mention it’s almost unplayable to ride on horse back in first-person perspective. It feels too tank-like that way, so you’re best off using the game’s third person view when on horseback.
To say the least, this was a completely unrewarding side-quest and I just hope that the majority of the others aren’t as un-fulfilling.
Morrowind was known to have loading issues of this sort but they seem to be even more of hassle in Oblivion than in the previous game, mostly due to the fact that while on horseback loading sections are encountered like every eight seconds. In addition to this, some of the textures on a character’s clothing weren’t that great in quality and you could really see the ugliness of it up close, and still an issue from Morrowind is the game’s unnatural animations.​
The lip-synching on characters seems to be "spot on", so it's not like the game is completely awful.

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