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How many nukes does it take to kill a mutant?

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How many nukes does it take to kill a mutant?

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 23 July 2007, 15:49:00

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Apparently, five nukes. Gaming Trend's Ron Burke, a proud recipient of the prestigious "True Patriot" award, wrote a very detailed preview of Fallout 3 and then answered a truckload of questions on the official forums.

Fighting in real time made me wince in fear that Fallout 3 could easily be Oblivion with guns. Todd allayed this fear by reminding us that our stats govern our weapon effectiveness...​
Didn't Oblivion have stats too?

Moving away from combat, Todd showed us the city of Megaton. This city was formed in the crater of a nuclear bomb that fell but didn’t go off.​
The CRATER of an UNEXPLODED nuclear bomb? Makes sense.

Entering the town you are greeted by the town Sherriff / Mayor Lucas Simms. Given that this was the last day of E3, Todd was quite tired of playing the nice guy and remarked to the sheriff “Nice hat Calamity Jane”. Our sheriff turned surly rather quickly and warned “This is my town – you so much as breathe wrong and I’m gonna fucking end you.”
It was here that we met up with the Brotherhood of Steel. One yelled “That’s how we do it in Alliance Pride, you fuckin’ freaks!” as he gunned down mutants across the street from him.​
Looks like the dialogues are inspired by Fallout: Tactics' fine writing.

Well, they build mutants a little bigger in Fallout 3 – a mutant behemoth roamed around the corner, utilizing a car door as an arm shield and some sort of basket strapped to his back to hold his overly large weapon. Pulling the Fat Man from our shoulder pack, we launched several explosives roughly the size of footballs at the feet of the behemoth, making light work of the creature – it only took 5 nukes. Debris, smoke, and some of the most amazing particle effects seen to date blew through the area as our nukes ripped the mutant and the ground underneath apart. You have to see it to believe it.​
It only took 5 nukes? Anyway, here are some fun facts:

Naturally we simply juice up on Mentats (Drugs) to boost our repair skill enough to place the charge, dooming the town of Megaton.
A local station called Enclave Station played one of the 20+ licensed tracks...
The behemoth creature... If I recall correctly I'd estimate he was 30+ feet tall.
I seem to recall their being a HUD of sorts in the bottom right that had several arrows on a compass.​

Edit: Also, apparently, you can buy a house in Fallout 3, according to a Swedish mag, and, according to a German mag, that BoS encounter was scripted, which is what we stated originally.

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Thanks, Relien

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