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Fallout 3 Quickie on GamePro

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Fallout 3 Quickie on GamePro

Interview - posted by Section8 on Tue 11 March 2008, 12:45:29

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

GamePro has posted a short but damning interview with Todd Howard, that says precious little, barring some fairly predictable comments on how much it's going to be like Oblivion.

Todd Howard: The overall game flow feels like Oblivion, in that you make your own character and then explore a huge open world and do whatever you want. The basic gameplay of Fallout 3 is similar, which is one of the reasons we really wanted to do Fallout in the first place. I'd say the amount of action is similar to Oblivion, not more, not less. The basic combat in Fallout 3 may seem more complex then Oblivion's, but at the same time, there is no magic in Fallout 3, so we felt we needed to do as much as we could with the guns and add a nice layer of being able to shoot body parts and feel the effects of a crippled leg and such.​
Glad to see that the combat only seems more complex than Oblivion's. It would be poor form to boggle the dementia-addled minds of all the geriatric "lastgen" Fallout fans.

Shamelessly lifted from No Mutants Allowed as always.

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