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Pete Hines responds some more

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Pete Hines responds some more

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 September 2004, 16:06:43

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Mr. Teatime over at Duck and Cover has been talking with Pete Hines of Bethesda about the recent blurb in GameInformer about Fallout 3. He says it's LIES, as you can read here:

There's a very big difference between direct quotes from us, and assumptions on the part of a game magazine or web site. Fallout 3 will not be a survival horror game. Call of Cthulhu will be a survival horror game.​
Maybe Exitium is right and Bethesda is the most misquoted and misinterpretted publisher-slash-development house in history. If that's the case, then I suggest one of two things happen from this point on:
  • Mr. Hines request to proof read all previews and interview they officially support for accuracy.
  • Mr. Hines only give previews and interviews to magazines and web sites that don't feel the need to just make shit up on the fly.
Either that stuff is actually coming from Bethesda to test waters for ideas, or gaming journalism is even worse than we've been pointing out for the last two years.

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