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Fallout 3: the Technopaladins

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Fallout 3: the Technopaladins

None - posted by Elwro on Wed 9 January 2008, 23:54:35

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Due to popular demand, I'd like to draw your attention to the Brotherhood of Steel faction profile by Emil Pagliarulo, the lead designer of Fallout 3.

In Fallout 3, the Brotherhood of Steel is one of the most important and influential factions you’ll encounter. And while it’s true they are a military organization, the Brotherhood’s values and command structure are actually more representative of a medieval knightly order. Like the Templars of old, in their own eyes, the members of the Brotherhood of Steel are pure, they are just – they are truly human in a world filled with both physical and moral corruption.

But it is the worship of technology that truly defines and drives them. For a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Power Armor is his plate mail, a powered Super Sledge his warhammer. A non-combatant Scribe is more scientist than scholar, utilizing computers as a monk in the Middle Ages would a quill and ink.

It’s not enough for the Brotherhood of Steel’s members to use whatever high-tech gadgetry they’ve acquired, though. The organization’s entire existence is predicated on the acquisition of technology. Whatever they’ve got is never enough. Their best equipment? It could be better. Even if this endless search for high-tech toys means keeping the good stuff out of the hands of others who could really benefit from it, well, that’s okay with the Brotherhood of Steel.​
I don't think any comments are necessary, at least not on a site whose members (usually) already firmly believe Fallout 3 will be Oblivion with guns. Anyway, read on and immerse yourself in a tear-jerking story of a pure soul, Paladin Owyn Lyons, who chose to become renegade in order to protect the poor and innocent people of Capital Wasteland :salute:

Thanks, TrustNo1!

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