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See Pete Hines! Fallout 3 video interview.

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See Pete Hines! Fallout 3 video interview.

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 5 May 2008, 16:52:13

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

GameSpot have used amazing video technology to capture the essence of Pete Hines and display him in the flesh for all to see. I can't just skim read it and quote interesting bits so here's a brief run-down on what they say:

They're in Alpha mode.
Most everything's in the game and they're messing with it. Still adding some things.
They talk about the growing up bit, you see yourself being born but none of the naughty bits.
Wanted it to be fun way to ease you in to the game. Asked if they wanted to do that a different way. Pete says they built on what they did in Oblivion re: first dungeon / walk-through tutorial area.
Guided through start by Liam Neeson and the interviewer says "sort of similar to what happens with Patrick Stewart's character in Oblivion" and he asked if they copied that deliberately.
Liam leads you through the game(?)
Talk about DogMeat. You can have him and one whole human companion.
If you're good, you can only have a good companion, or if evil only an evil companion.
You can find better weapons or repair them yourself which is a choice.
Talk about Perception and how it effects how you can see.
Stats affect ability to use stuff and how you can use VATS and target people.
Can visit a lot of iconic elements in Washington. Can go all the way to the top of the Washington Monument.
They're still slated for Fall 2008 release. Simultaneous release on Xbox, PS3 and PC in Europe and US.
No demo. The whole world loads seamlessly and it's not something they can cut-up and give you a slice of.
Building towards a 25 hour game. Side quests extra.
Can see them using downloadable content, not working on that right now.​
It's 20 minutes long and the good stuff doesn't start until 8:24.

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