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Another opinion on Fallout 3

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Another opinion on Fallout 3

Review - posted by Elwro on Thu 11 December 2008, 10:03:05

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Alright, how many articles on this game can we take? Seems that at least two more. Here's my take on it, and Section8's review is coming!

You may have seen the following quote from Bethesda's PR performer Pete Hines: "We're not going to suddenly do a top-down isometric Baldur's Gate-style game, because that's not what we do well." Thankfully, employing that line of thinking was just an isolated incident on part of the team. On the contrary, the developers have included MANY things they "do not do well". But it is precisely these elements which save the game and light glimmers of hope for the series.​

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