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Awesome Oblivion preview at TGSN

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Awesome Oblivion preview at TGSN

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 16 September 2005, 15:50:13

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Yes, another Oblivion article posted by Vault Dweller! When will this reign of terror end?! Anyway, there is a brand new Oblivion preview/blowjob. This preview redefines the concept of previews by adding the expected rating of the game: 9.6 - 10!

The fact that you can do nearly anything, and that it will have a result which affects your character and those around you is breathtaking to imagine. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, an unthinkably open-ended style and currently un-paralleled graphics, this should be a thoroughly involving game, and the best RPG we’ve seen from Bethesda, which should tell you just how great we’re expecting this to be.​
It's time for ... credibility check!:

Before I even begin to explain exactly what are the good and bad elements of Morrowind, I must say one thing: It is awesome.
Some of the tasks people have for you require the elimination of certain people, but those people will no doubt fight back. This kind of decision-making is what makes Morrowind sometimes a tense, risky adventure... Truly excellent stuff.​
Well, this, without a doubt, is the stupidest thing ever written. "Hmm, should I attack this guy or not? He looks like the sort that fights back, so I'm not so sure... decisions, decisions"

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