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Fallout: New Vegas will Delete Your Porn

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Fallout: New Vegas will Delete Your Porn

Development Info - posted by Jason on Wed 9 June 2010, 06:26:45

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout: New Vegas

It's been revealed that Fallout: New Vegas, one of the few RPGs I was actually looking forward to, will use Valve's invasive, porn-deleting DRM system whether you buy it through Steam or not.

Will the PC retail game be able to be activated via Steam?
From @litrock via Twitter

Jason Bergman, Senior Producer at Bethesda Softworks: Yes. Fallout: New Vegas will fully utilize the Steamworks SDK. This means that retail PC copies will activate via Steam. We are also using Steam for achievements and other features (but not multiplayer, of course. FNV remains a single player only game).​

No thanks to Multi-headed Cow for sharing this

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