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Skyrim is Going to Make You its Bitch

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Skyrim is Going to Make You its Bitch

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Tue 19 July 2011, 06:24:18

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

IGNorance sat down with Skyrim's Lead Producer Craig Lafferty, who detailed five reasons why The Elder Scrolls V will be the best cRPG ever created by mankind:

1. The story is yours to dictate
...the new Clairvoyance spell that draws a path along the ground to your next objective.
...your character will automatically mould to your style, eliminating the need to get bogged down spending stat points. 
2. There's an insane amount of things to do and see
...on top of the main quest which is about 30 hours long. 
We still have the guilds – so the mage's guild, the thieves' guild, the fighters' guild, those are back.
3. The dragons are never-ending
"It's not like you can defeat all of the dragons and they'll cease to exist – they'll always be there in the game."
4. Dragons won't necessarily all be your enemy
Are all of the dragons in the mythical land of Skyrim evil, or will you be able to tame them for the purposes of fighting alongside you? Bethesda is keeping tight-lipped on the subject for now. 
"We're not really getting into a whole lot of specifics about that," says Lafferty. "But they're not all out to kill you, let's just put it that way." 
5. The world of Skyrim sure beats your boring real life
"We made Oblivion and then Fallout 3 on the current gen of consoles, so we've learned a lot more about how to bring a lot out of the current systems," says Lafferty. "So now we have a new UI system, a new animation system, a new renderer, the radiant story and then the world itself, so all these things kind of combine and as a result the world of Skyrim really feels like a solid place you can get lost in." 
Just how much is there to do and see in Skyrim? With 280 perks to unlock, five major cities to explore, over 300 books to find, 150 unique dungeons to loot...
You can read the entire article here.
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