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Fallout 3 Interview on IGN

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Fallout 3 Interview on IGN

Interview - posted by JarlFrank on Fri 9 November 2007, 18:12:39

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Alex Simmons from IGN interviews Pete about Bethesda's "much anticipated post-apocalyptic roleplayer". Not very surprisingly, he doesn't say anything substantial or new, just his typical empty phrases and trying to please both the Fallout fanbase and the fanboy kiddies.

IGN: The Fallout franchise has a huge die-hard following. How daunting has the task of living up to expectation been?

Pete Hines: Picking up where somebody else left off is always daunting, fan-base or not. Taking somebody else's work that you respect and then doing what you feel is right by them - Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, all those guys - is not easy. More than anything, we want those guys to know that we're taking care of what they started.​

And that's why you didn't even give them the role of advisors for your Fallout game?

IGN: It's well known that a lot of people at Bethesda are big Fallout fans, which is great because they know the franchise inside out. But is there concern that you're making a game aimed squarely at Fallout purists?

Pete Hines: Our basic philosophy, as silly as it may sound, is that we want to make games that we like to play. That was our big thing on Morrowind and on Oblivion - what kind of Elder Scrolls game would we want to play next, what would be the features of that game, what would it looks like, what would it play like and so on, and that's the game we went out and made. That's the same process we went through with Fallout 3; it goes back to the point that you have to make what you're passionate about. If you're trying to make a game that's just a feature set or a group of things that somebody else believes in but it's not what you believe in and it's just designed to make a target audience happy, then it's not something you're going to be passionate about.

So he admits that he doesn't really care about his fans.

Apart from the usual, there's not much, but might still be interesting to read as he mentions things like the melee combat system and how it works, the size of the game [which is going to be smaller than Oblivion, but will "feel" bigger as they're going to render the landscape even more far away, what their inspirations for making Fallout 3 are and the differences between the first two Fallouts and Fallout 3.

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