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Fallout 3: the Doctor is Out

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Fallout 3: the Doctor is Out

Preview - posted by baby arm on Wed 3 September 2008, 08:21:23

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

IGN has another preview of Fallout 3 based on their recent playtime at PAX.
My wandering around the world let me discover the Jury Street Metro Station, so I was actually able to go underground and explore a raider-infested tunnel system that had plenty of goodies to discover. I encountered a Ryan Briggs, some kind of surgeon or medical researcher working on mole rats. He didn't like my presence and opened fire on me with his assault rifle. I shot his head off and claimed his rifle, as well as his blood-splattered scrubs that I donned myself. The scrubs don't offer much armor, but they do look nifty, and they give a +5 bonus with certain medical skills. I also got the key to his safe and raided his office for all sorts of medical supplies, blood packs, vodka, drugs, and ammo. However, I also left with this worrying thought that I might have killed someone might actually be very important later in the game. That's one of the dangers when you go off script!

It's nice to know that even medical researchers are hostile for no apparent reason. And they drop phat medical scrubs loot.
Spotted at: Blue's News

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