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Games for Windows reaction to FO3 trailer

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Games for Windows reaction to FO3 trailer

None - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 6 June 2007, 20:23:56

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

1UP has posted an article dedicated to the FO3 trailer and featuring the reaction of Games for Windows' (formerly known as Computer Gaming World magazine) staff:

Sean Molloy: Smart start -- it certainly gave me faith that they're sticking with the original games' tone. You get olde radiola tunes, a quick glimpse at Pip (the original Fallout boy!) in those propaganda posters on the bus. So yup, this is Fallout. I'm also now completely convinced it's gonna be some first-person Oblivion-style thing. ...​
Fallout = some FP Oblivion thing? Makes sense.

When the camera pulls out of the bus, and you see that ruined cityscape--I want to explore that s*** in first-person. Imagine that moment in Oblivion where you leave the first dungeon, only you see apocalypse instead of green acres. I don't think Bethesda could pass up that opportunity.​
My sentiments exactly.

Shawn Elliott: Good God, this looks good.​
It's a fucking intro trailer, Shawn. You might want to save this excitement for a review. We already know how it would start.

Voice what you will about Bethesda not having the knack for ink-black humor it needs to hammer out a true-to-the-series sequel, but think it through first. In my mind, Oblivion more than proved the developer's ability there...​
Yep, it was a real eye opener, Shawn.

In fact, if Bethesda decides to take a radically different direction with Fallout 3, I'd rather that than a dull remake.​
How very black-n-white.

Jeff Green: Yeah, this looks hot. I'm palpitating here. Okay, so it's just the trailer, and that has no bearings on whether they'll actually make a good game or not. But they nailed the tone here, dead on. Even the choice of that Ink Spots song ("set the world on fire"--get it??) was right on, especially considering that they could have gone with, um, Fall Out Boy, just to pick the worst possible alternative.​
You know things are going great when the best argument is "it could have been soooo much worse".

And put me on the list with you two wanting a radically different direction--like first-person perspective.​
Is radically the new epic?

I loved the first two Fallouts to death, but now is not the time for another isometric turn-based RPG.
I'd really love to hear the explanation for this bullshit. Anyone feel like emailing Jeff?

Not with the amazing possibilities that Bethesda could bring to this series after knocking it out of the park with Oblivion. I can't wait.

Darren Gladstone: Let me slap on the devil's advocate hat for one second since nobody else here will. It's the blessing and the curse of being a gaming curmudgeon. I'm not gonna lie, Shawn. Prior to seeing the trailer, I was a little concerned about one thing: Bethesda being able to hit the depths of black humor Interplay previously did.​
Right. 'Cause everything else was tip-top. Oblivion was a perfect RPG in every way, but the depth of its humor was a bit disappointing. Such a shame, really.

...Minor bitching and general dickery aside, let me say this: Wow. Inside of two minutes, Bethesda confirmed what I pretty much knew all along-that the Fallout franchise is in very capable hands.​
Is it some kinda best blowjob competition event? It would help if we know what the rules are.

I'm right there with Sean Molloy. I need to see what happens the second I walk out of my vault and into Fallout 3's apocalypse. I can deal with no more turn-based gameplay...​
I too hope that someone will finally make a real-time game. I don't think I can handle yet another turn-based RPG.

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