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Reason to be Pessimistic?

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Reason to be Pessimistic?

Editorial - posted by Section8 on Thu 21 June 2007, 17:01:04

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

With recent Fallout 3 revelations, and the predictable negative reaction from the Fallout fanbase, I thought I'd editorialise on the subject. While I'm clearly over-analysing every tidbit of info that comes my way, it saddens me a little to see many people questioning the pessimistic tone of debate brought forth by the Fallout faithful. So just for gags, I thought I'd help the optimists see a small bit of what drives much of this negativity, and in return hope someone will reciprocate by helping shed some light on what there is to be hopeful about.

On that note, viddy well, dear readers, and expect further editorials on our favourite subject in future.

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