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Do YOU want to make Fallout games?

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Do YOU want to make Fallout games?

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 23 November 2005, 19:19:47

Tags: Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks is looking for quest designers who actually know what quests and RPGs are all about to create awesome Elder Scrolls and Fallout products.

QUEST DESIGNER -- Rockville, Maryland

Design and script quests for future Elder Scrolls and Fallout products. Includes working in our proprietary toolset to design and script quests.

* Excellent writing skills.
* Strong problem solving skills.
* Strong knowledge of gameplay mechanics and quest flow in an RPG.
* Programming or scripting language experience a plus.
* Knowledge of The Elder Scrolls Construction Set a plus.
* Strong understanding of soil & sand erosion, deforestation, and over-cultivation
* Knowledge of role playing games and The Elder Scrolls or Fallout a plus.
* Game industry experience a plus.
* Strong desire to be part of a passionate TEAM, making great games.

Applicant must send a written quest design doc with gameplay mechanics, dialogue, walkthrough, and implementation criteria. We will not review Morrowind Plugins themselves, so do not send them. Keep the background story in your design to a minimum; we are interested in seeing your dialogue writing, logical thinking, overall quest flow, and implementation ability.​
Don't forget to post your quest suggestions in this thread.

Thanks, Proweler

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