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Fallout 3: Turn-Based?

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Fallout 3: Turn-Based?

Game News - posted by Exitium on Mon 13 September 2004, 01:20:42

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

There has been some very interesting discussion on the Elderscrolls Forum, specifically pertaining to this particular thread. Here's a nice snippet from MrSmileyFaceDude

I would like to see a elder scrolls game that is large and open ended like morrowind but has a turn based battle system put in it. You would play it just like morrowind and be able to customize your character like you want but when you see an enemy and come in contact with it you go into a battle where you have option like attack, magic, items and maybe something else.

MrSmileyFaceDude (Bethesda Dev):
An Elder Scrolls RPG with turn-based combat would be an Elder Scrolls RPG "in name only." :D

That was for all the Fallout fans out there.

MrSmileyFaceDude (Bethesda Dev):
Who rule, by the way. Just my way of saying "TES isn't Fallout, Fallout isn't TES" :)
Is that a hint towards a possibility for turn-based gameplay? It sounds rather vague, yet it's still very intriguing. Perhaps MrSmileyFaceDude would like to clarify on this matter?

Thanks for the tip, Briosafreak

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