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Broken Steel Dev Diary

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Broken Steel Dev Diary

Development Info - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Thu 30 April 2009, 01:12:06

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Bethesda has released a developer diary about creating the Broken Steel downloadable content package. Some promising things

Various difficulties posed by various interests taking advantage of the water supply are presented, and the player can get involved in classic Fallout fashion, setting things right through altruistic action, or milking the situation for his personal gain through extortion and blackmail.
With the team working on all of the above, we also began to work on extending the storyline of the Main Quest after the purifier is turned on. We needed to tell a compelling story about life in the Wasteland with the addition of clean (or FEV spiked) water. This alone is challenging to do especially with schedule constraints of DLC. Many questions needed to be addressed: When should the DLC begin? A day later? Weeks? Months? Did the player spike the water with FEV? If so, how does that affect the world? Will people know the player spiked the water? What happens to some of the main characters in Fallout 3? Are they still around? Did the player destroy Raven Rock? If not, is it still around?​
And then there is what Bethesda does best...

The decision was made to keep the Super Mutant Behemoth at the top, so we needed to fill the gap between the Behemoth and the Super Mutant Master. Thus was born the Super Mutant Overlord - a creature much stronger than a Super Mutant Master and one that is beginning to take on the shape and form of a Behemoth. Its posture is beginning to show signs of the Behemoth with its large, thick neck and slightly forward head. Given enough time, the Overlord would eventually grow to become a Behemoth.
To fill the gap for the Feral Ghouls we added the Feral Ghoul Reaver, which wears worn out armor, has special effects emitting from its body, and a new ranged attack, making it visually distinct from the normal Feral Ghouls as well as the Glowing One.
For the Rad Scorpion, we made the Albino Rad Scorpion - a formidable foe that roams the Wasteland, dealing out great amounts of damage, and is much more resistant to attacks than the Giant Rad Scorpion.
For the Enclave, we introduced a new elite fire-based ranged soldier who not only wears new fire-resistant armor, but also wields a new and powerful weapon, the Incinerator. The Incinerator is a powerful ranged fire attack that ignites its victims upon impact.​
The miracles of power-by-rank and palette swaps. Nice.
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