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Pete Hines Responds

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Pete Hines Responds

Development Info - posted by Exitium on Sun 19 September 2004, 11:16:17

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Pete "not-so-full-of" Hines has saw fit to respond to the recent fallout over the GameInformer and PC Gamer articles on the development of Fallout 3 in his reply at No Mutants Allowed with the following:

No, like I said, there are no devs for Fallout 3. Todd is the executive producer for both Oblivion and Fallout 3. Knowing who it is that will be in charge of the project is a bit different than having developers on the team to talk about things they've decided to do, or not to do. Again, those people still don't exist.

The stuff hitting the magazines now was all done at the same time as the online interviews that appeared back when we announced we obtained the rights to Fallout 3, except for the Game Informer bit, which was done a few weeks afterwards.​
Maybe this will get people to stop making infantile, knee-jerk reactions with a personal slant pertaining to the development of the game and focus more on making valid remarks while offering constructive criticism instead of screaming like a bunch of spoiled babies. Nobody's going to listen to you if all you don't make any sense.

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