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Yet another Fallout 3 preview

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Yet another Fallout 3 preview

Preview - posted by JarlFrank on Fri 11 April 2008, 18:06:32

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Yes, this time it's Gamespot and they give us an "updated impression" of Fallout 3. Most of it is the same as in all the countless other previews [I begin to wonder why they keep previewing that game when there's no new information on it], but there's also some new stuff.

Our updated tour of the game started with the very beginning--how you create your character by being born to your mother, Katherine, and your scientist father, James (voiced by actor Liam Neeson). Through a hazy first-person cinematic sequence from the perspective of the operating table, you can choose your character's gender and name, as well as preview your character's adult appearance by way of the vault's computer system...then become dimly aware that something has gone terribly wrong with your mother during the childbirth.​

So you can't even change the name of your mother and father, they have pre-defined names! What a huge disappointment, you can change their face, but you cannot change their name! I hope at least the voice actors pronounce the names of your parents in an awesome way, so it's worth it.

You then jump forward a year later to the age of a toddler, where you use a basic movement tutorial to crawl out of your playpen and access the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book--a book that lets you choose your character's abilities by way of the classic attribute system from the Fallout games (strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck). You then jump ahead nine years to your 10th birthday, at which point you gain the ability to speak with other characters (such as the other children at your birthday party) and use the PipBoy 3000 portable wrist computer, which is given to you by the vault's "overseer," or head administrator.​

I don't know why, but somehow the idea of creating your character by playing him as a kiddo sounds rather interesting to me, and yet I know that the way Bethesda makes it, it will be completely stupid and will become as annoying as the "Fight through the first dungeon together with the Emperor before creating your character!" system of Oblivion. It's just something you have to do over and over again when starting a new game to try out a different char, and it's even more annoying than a lame starting town because you can't skip it.

The dog is none other than Fallout's Dogmeat, the swift-moving, loyal, pugnacious pooch from the original 1997 game. After disposing of the raiders yourself, you can invite Dogmeat to join you, and from then on, although you can't have any meaningful conversations with him or have him carry a ton of inventory, you can give him plenty of orders, such as having him go out to search for food, medicine, or even fallen weapons (if there are none nearby, Dogmeat will disappear for an hour or so of in-game time before returning). You can also praise or scold him--this won't affect his morale or loyalty, though it will reflect whether your character is naughty or nice​

So, basically Gamespot hasn't understood anything. It's not the fucking same dog from Fallout 1, it's just a dog with the same name, and wasn't he called Dog Meat last time I checked? Hell.
Also, you can tell him to search for weapons and he disappears for an hour before bringing you some weapons from somewhere? I don't know how that will work, but the way they say it it sounds like it will be some kind of cheating. Like, send the dog out and get weapons, for free, which you can later sell for teh moneyz.
Oh, and what's with the praising and scolding? Do you get +1 evil point whenever you scold him and +1 goodness point whenever you praise him? The way they write it it sounds like praising/scolding your dog can affect your alignment. What. The. Fuck.

Thanks for the news to SantAnder.

Spotted at: Gamespot

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