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Romanians review Fallout 3

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Romanians review Fallout 3

Review - posted by Elwro on Tue 11 November 2008, 19:28:50

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

There's a big, wordy, angry and detailed review of Bethesda's newest creation over at ComputerGames.ro. Here's a snippet:

Maybe I’m overanalyzing here, but in the first two games (emphasis mine - Elwro) we had the perfect picture of a group of grotesque individuals who did their best to survive, while Fallout 3 brings about a massive equalitarian movement on their part. I don’t know about others, but a couple of retorts made me see the whole thing as a tad ridiculous. Obviously, we couldn’t have the Super Mutants excluded from this little party. So they’re back, stronger and more senile, being created in a Vault (surprise!!!).

Another major stray away from the concept of the original series is represented by the population’s make-up – the Capital Wasteland has a very high amount of mobs, creeps, whatever you wanna call them. Way too many compared to the characters you can actually interact with using something else than, as a character in-game remarks at one point, “shotgun diplomacy”.

But we’ve got some new groups as well – a gang of cannibals scraping the subway lines in an underground complex named after our very own Mereşti, a thriving community taking shelter on a beached aircraft carrier and even some religious fanatics sounding like any Sunday Scientologist, mixed with some principles we normally learn in 6th grade Physics class.​
This is all true, but remember that Fallout 2 also included things like Hubologists. Compared to Fallout 1, yes, Fallout 3 does look silly sometimes.

The whole thing is here - a long and interesting read.

Thanks, Bossman and Shannow!

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