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Fallout 3 preview at Game Revolution

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Fallout 3 preview at Game Revolution

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 30 June 2007, 21:11:00

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

Game Revolution has posted a preview of Fallout 3. Judging by the quality of the screens, the preview is based on the original Bethesda presentation and not on the GI article.

The gorgeous (? - VD) wasteland is populated with grotesquely mutated creatures of all kinds, from giant ants intelligently attacking in waves to cannon-wielding Behemoths who charge with abandon. ... Because, as executive producer Todd Howard put it, "It's fun to be able to kick a little ass"...​
Grow up, Todd.

If you already have a weapon of the same type, you can bust out some engineering skills, break it down into parts, and use them to beef up the strength, precision, and firing rate of your own weapon.​
Sounds promising.

...you'll have to decide which is the way to eliminate the biggest threats fast, because the V.A.T.S. runs out of action points. Once they're gone, you'll be fighting in real time and without assistance while your action points regenerate.​
The VATS system oozes depth and tactics.

You'll also be struggling with moral dilemmas through voiced NPC dialogue choices.​
Because Pete said so.

The number of NPCs in Fallout 3 is about 300 (as opposed to Oblivion's 1000), so Bethesda has put alot more alcohol and devtime into making their individual A.I. more realistic and natural. Instead of NPCs walking around doing very simple tasks talking basic gibberish, they will roam with more personalized agendas and socialize with other people about topics that interest them.​
I hoped to hear that Bethesda has put a lot of time into developing these NPCs personalities through dialogues, but who needs that when you can have topics of interests and all the "roaming" you can handle?

One rather more evil quest we saw at Bethesda's dev studio in Maryland was to detonate a warhead at the center of Megaton, a large town filled with people going about their daily lives. Triggering the bomb from a distant rooftop, the entire city was destroyed, all the townsfolk we just talked to died in the blast, and the mushroom cloud looming overhead all happened in real time - to the city we just left. Needless to say, there was some drool on the floor...​
That's what usually happens when you invite drooling morons to a party.

As your choices change and quests are knocked out, news of your fame (or infamy) will spread to. NPC reactions to you will also change as your title shifts from "Noob Vault Dweller" to "HaXXor - Nuker of Cities".​

...you can zoom out even further to get to the franchise-beloved 3rd person perspective.​
How thoughtful.

After the hour long gameplay presentation, we were all equally surprised how far in development Fallout 3 was, even with more than a year left to finish it. It has all the makings of being

the first solid bridge between the rapidly growing RPG genre and the immensely pop FPS category...

Rapidly growing? Anyway, folks, you have your answer to the question: what kind of game Fallout 3 is?

Thanks, Brother None

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