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Bethesda - Returning to Oblivion?

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Bethesda - Returning to Oblivion?

Interview - posted by baby arm on Sun 12 April 2009, 00:16:47

Tags: Bethesda Softworks

Pete "I love RPG Codex" Hines spoke with Gamasutra about Bethesda's long-term sales strategy and he said something that caught my attention:

We're getting ready to do something else with Oblivion this year, because it is still selling and retailers still like it. If we weren't talking about that game, they'd only be focused on the [newer] things. But we stay on top it. I think that owes to our sales guys who stay on top of it and don't want to let it just die.

It's not, "Oh, it's two years old, it's not going to sell any more." That's not true. It will. If you pay attention to it and keep taking care of it, it's still got a home, it can still do something.

When you say you're thinking about doing something with Oblivion, what does that mean?

PH: Oh, I'll let you know. [laughter]​
Spotted at: Gamasutra

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