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Fallout 3 interview at GameShark

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Fallout 3 interview at GameShark

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 1 October 2007, 14:28:16

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3; Gavin Carter

GameShark has posted a Fallout 3 interview with Gavin Carter:

What aspects of Fallout 3 are you concerned longtime Fallout fans may not embrace as much as you might hope?

Can I just forward you a list of every feature in the game? I’m sure that for just about every feature you could name that we might consider changing for Fallout 3, you could find someone for whom that feature sums up everything that’s quintessentially Fallout. To give a direct answer, I think VATS is probably the feature that we knew would cause the most stir when we were working on the idea. Doing something that’s relatively new is always a risk. When most people think of turn-based and real-time as opposite ends of the same spectrum (something I disagree with), we knew it would take a while for the message of why we think VATS is a great idea to take root with people.
Gavin's jokes are the best.

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