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Gavin Carter promotes Oblivion

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Gavin Carter promotes Oblivion

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 9 December 2004, 14:06:22

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

GameBanshee has posted a very informative interview with Gavin Carter, known in these parts as Kathode[/url], about Oblivion: Less is More

On Combat:
We’ve gone through three complete and fully realized combat systems prior to this one, and we really feel that we’ve achieved a very nice balance between the action-oriented combat that the Elder Scrolls have always featured, and the statistic-driven gameplay of a pen-and-paper RPG. (I guess some exaggeration's never hurt nobody - VD)

On Transportation:
Transportation around the world is another area people were very critical of in Morrowind. This time around we’ve taken a long look at how players get from one location to another, and gone to great lengths to implement improvements. We have reinstated a “fast-travel” system similar to what was featured in Daggerfall and Arena. Now, if you’ve visited a location, it will show up as an icon on your map. Simply click there and the game will take you there

On Char Creation:
Our character generation sequence takes place as a flight from the emperor’s assassins, and as you play through the opening, you get to experience different aspects of the game before you commit to a character type. Naturally, all the old options for creating your own custom class will be making a return as well, all wrapped up into this fluid experience.​
I love the new/old transportation thingy. I'm glad to see that many Daggerfall's features that were originally discarded for innovashun are back.

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