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Pirates of the Caribbean site up

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Pirates of the Caribbean site up

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 4 April 2003, 05:01:37

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Pirates of the Carribean

Bethesda has openned the Pirates of the Caribbean website, after the announcement of it last week. Here's a clip of the game info:

While Pirates of the Caribbean offers a gameplay style that lets you go where you want and do anything you like, it also contains a compelling main story that serves as the foundation for the game.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, you assume the role of a freelance Captain who becomes caught in a struggle for power in the 17th century. At the start of the game, you witness French forces invading an English island. Sailing away to avoid harm, you set course for a nearby English colony to inform the English Governor of the bad news.

Upon reaching the island, the English Governor decides to enlist you to infiltrate the captured island as a spy for the English to see what you can discover about the French invasion force and their future plans. Thus begins your adventure.

I can't find the name Blaze Devlin anywhere on this page.

Spotted this at VoodooExtreme

There are 30 comments on Pirates of the Caribbean site up

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