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GameInformer's Oblivion info

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GameInformer's Oblivion info

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 23 September 2004, 23:12:55

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I know that there are scans and FAQs everywhere, but I'm sure that many of you have waited for me to pick up the mag and present the unbiased opinion I'm famous for. Relax, it's sarcasm. Anyway, without further ado, Oblivion and the role-playing of tomorrow!

  • The game is shorter. Why? First, because "the enhanced graphics will require more time" while the development time and budget remained the same. Second, because "statistically gamers prefer shorter games and often do not finish more involved titles". Now, that's what I call listening to customers. Two thumbs up for Bethesda!
  • One of the goals is "to produce the definitive role-playing game of the generation". How? "By making sure that every basic activity is entertaining. Success in activities like picking locks, mixing potions, and forging armor will no longer be determined by dice-roll, each of these activities will be a separate mini-game which will be completed through skill and luck...these games will be harder when your skill is low, and become easier as you increase your proficiencies" Wow, minigames! Teh role-playing!
  • "The combat will be every bit as exciting as it is in a first-person shooter. Contrary to the RPG convention, the outcome of combat will not be decided by virtual dice rolls. Your opponent will block and dodge, so taking down an enemy is entirely on the player's shoulders" Dice rolls suck! Go twitch combat!
  • Attenshun! Direct Quote ahead: ""Fantasy, for us, is a knight on horseback running around and killing things", says Howard excitedly". Hmm, I wonder what Todd thinks PA is?
  • "Interaction between the player and the virtual characters is yet another area in which Oblivion is pointing toward the future of gaming. Characters will converse in free-flowing, non-scripped discussions. ... A character that dislikes you will scowl, while someone who likes you will greet you with a smile". Sounds kinda retarded when you think about it, but I'm sure that many Bethesda's non-reading customers have requested that feature to help them figure out what's happening.
  • The article mentions that Todd is crazy about choices and sees them "as a huge part of the next generation of gaming". Since you can now "become the head of every faction all during the course of one game", most choices would revolve around your appearance and itamz.
To be polite, I must mention that there is more info in the magazine, so go and pick up a copy.

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