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More Fallout 3 info - Critical Hits Q&A

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More Fallout 3 info - Critical Hits Q&A

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sun 1 July 2007, 21:55:20

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

One last Fallout 3 news item. Critical Hits has posted a Fallout Q&A transcript, revealing some new and exciting stuff. The best parts are:

...most radiation from things like blown up cars (nuclear engines) and the mini-nuke weapon will dissipate given a little time.

...your choices of dialogue can open up more quests, more options for places to go and things to do in the game. Emil really seemed to stress a high level of detail written into the game as far as Dialogue and Quest interaction. (I really want to believe that - VD)

...there were many loading screens which displayed random stats from your time in the game, one of which popped up said, “Corpses Eaten: 0” Someone asked about this and Todd Howard seemed kind of surprised that it had gotten in to the demo, simply saying it is a “perk thing”.

The main quest centers around your dad mysteriously disappearing from the Vault one day, and your quest to find him and find out why he left and where he is/has gone.
(You could see that a mile away - VD)

Yes there will be fast travel...

...melee will be playing a large part...

...they are putting as few unkillables [NPCs] as they possibly can. (Unkillable NPCs are in? Yay! - VD)

The main quest they estimated at about 20 hours of gameplay, with about 20 hours more of possible miscellaneous quests and side stories.​
I saved the best for last:

Q: Are they doing a lot of things to make Fallout mainstream?
A: They’re “just doing what is cool”​
Bethesda's trademark.

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