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NMA discusses Fallout 3 with Desslock

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NMA discusses Fallout 3 with Desslock

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 19 October 2007, 18:31:12

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

NMA has had a chat with Desslock, discussing various Fallout 3 aspects.

Heh, I did get a chuckle out of your conclusions when (SuAside, in particular) commented on how he was trying to be "objective" - that's absurd. You're not objective - and there's not wrong with that, because you're obviously strongly influenced by your passion for the original Fallout games, and all of your observations are affected by that subjective bias. Frankly, I think that's actually an appealing trait, because rather than just describe the features, characters, graphics, background lore, etc., you saw in the demo, you constantly (in almost every paragraph!) provide a relative comparison to how those aspects were treated in the original games.

Embrace your subjectivity - it's a perspective that I suspect your readers want, and it allows you to provide insights that other previewers are incapable of, or disinterested in, providing - it seems like you stated you were trying to be objective in order to increase your credibility, which is just absurd, because that's the sort of statement that readers immediately know to be false, and probably would be less interested in reading your commentary if it were otherwise.

I definitely would have preferred a Troika version of Fallout 3 (with Obsidian naturally being my second choice as developer), and I greatly miss isometric perspective RPGs, but I really like what I've seen of Fallout 3. I've played virtually every RPG since Temple of Apshai, and there have been very few RPGs that I've been more excited about.

That said, one of the RPGs that I was most excited about was the initial design of Ultima IX, after the debacle of Ultima VIII-Pagan, and by the time Ultima IX limped to release, it bore little resemblance to its initial design and was almost as big a disaster as Pagan (damn you, Ed Del Castillo for derailing the initial design, and EA for destroying all that was great about the Ultima games). So the bottom line is, I think it's still far too early for anyone to fairly judge how good Fallout 3 will be, and we should constantly challenge and revise our preconceptions and opinions as more information becomes available about the game.​
I actually agree with Desslock. A lot.

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