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Bethesda & Fallout: The DAC perspective

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Bethesda & Fallout: The DAC perspective

Editorial - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 20 April 2007, 00:20:03

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

DAC has posted an article, exploring the depth of Bethesda-Fallout relationship and making all kinda crazy conclusions like "Bethesda really needs the Fallout fans!".

I think there’s more to it than that; ultimately, Bethesda needs Fallout. What’s more, they need Fallout 3 to please the fans. They didn’t need Fallout before announcing they had started work on the game, but they do now. It’s quite a journey getting to that conclusion, but take a seat next to this burning oil drum, help yourself to some rotgut… well, it’s mostly rotgut; don’t worry about the lumps… and let me explain.
You kinda lost me at "to please the fans", so by all means, explain.

There’s a fundamental key that any developer or publisher bravely striding into the Fallout universe should know, and if they don’t, they’ll learn it by the time their game is released: Fallout is all about the fans. The decent games stopped coming almost ten years ago; what’s left is a fanbase that’s notorious amongst geek and gaming culture for being rabid, mutated, angry, discordant, for infighting and for being argumentative and perverse. In other words, a fanbase that’s assumed many of the characteristics which placed Fallout outside the cosy campfire circle of Tolkien-themed fantasy worlds, an ugly, rejected duckling that turned into a beautiful two-headed swan. And the point, for an aspiring developer, is this: the route to any Fallout game’s success is through those fans.
Well, let's hope that Teatime is right. Opinions?

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