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But wait! There is more...

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 2 July 2007, 18:45:00

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 3

NMA has posted some info and this lovely picture from the PC Gamer UK Fallout article:

Emil: "it's a shock when you find out your dad is missing, and the Overseer [the chief of the Vault] is pissed off. He thinks you had something to do with it and he sends his thugs after you. The Vault is no longer safe for you. In addition to you wanting to find your dad, you're under pressure to get out..."​

[sheriff Lucas Simms of Megaton] He's cautiously friendly, but warns you what'll happen if you misbehave in his town. A good man doing a tough job? Or a self-important egotist living out his cowboy dreams? (...) you'll start to realise there are hidden depths to many of Fallout 3's characters.​
The better your imagination, the more hidden depths you can discover.

[options on Megaton's quest] You could ignore him and keep pursuing your dad. You could say you'll do it, then rat him out to the sheriff. You could say you won't, then do it anyway, just to piss off everyone. The upshot is that, a couple of hours into the game, you could be standing on a rooftop watching a town and its inhabitants being atomised... or you could still be there, doing odd jobs and getting pally with the lunatic who worships the bomb as a god.​
So, uh ... basically you can either nuke the town for no reason - just because you can and thinks that it's cool, or you can leave the town alone, just because you can... I'm suddenly overwhelmed by them moral choices. What's worse is that nuking the poor town opens a new location, which doesn't make any fucking sense at all:

Gavin Carter: You play [the Megaton quest] through the "bad" way and blow up the town, you erase everything in Megaton: all the quests that you might have gotten in there are now gone. But it opens up a new area, Ten Penny Tower, that you wouldn't have opened up if you didn't blow up the town. And that place has new quests, it has new items that you wouldn't have gotten.​
New items? Give me that nuke!

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