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Three (!) Daily Games writers review Oblivion

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Three (!) Daily Games writers review Oblivion

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 1 May 2006, 21:15:24

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Daily Games has used 3 writers to review Oblivion for Xtreme & total objectivity. Two guys liked the game, one didn't. The final score? 9.3

Randie Kilgore: OK, I'll keep it short and sweet. Oblivion is one of the few games in recent history that lives up to the hype.​
Ok, Randie is a moron. Moving on.

Chris Karalus: I'd never disagree that Oblivion takes place in a massive world with lots of things to do, lots of classes and lots of items. ... I think Bethesda went for quantity over quality, and it shows.​
You don't like working at Daily Games anymore, Chris?

Robert Dusseau: In comparison to other games that attempt to do the same thing (not just RPGs), they do a wonderful job of implementing so many features together. ...
Oblivion is head and shoulders above Morrowind, and nearly every single aspect of The Elder Scrolls franchise was greatly enhanced. You guys have to agree with me on that one. Good job to the developers!​
We shall call Robert "Deep Throat"

Randie: Oblivion has raised the bar for future RPG's, and you might think I'm a fanboy, but I have to give it a 9.5 out of 10.​
Definitely, a moron.

Chris: Yep, I'd have to call you a fanboy. My start to the game was to just wander off and walk the world. I found three or four ruins and hacked my way thru the dungeons while encountering a few fairly been-there-done-that bad guys. I fought zombies in one. I fought magic women in another. I killed a big bad magic user. But nothing really grabbed me in my initial journey. What am I doing here again? I killed some big bad dude, but was there a reason for it? So there's the chance you play it and you have a terrible first five or 10 hours and get turned off. The dungeons looked good, but there was still something fairly static and shaky about them. And the wet wall look wasn't a turn-on. Honestly, I started to get bored.​
If you are looking for reasons, Chris, you are definitely playing the wrong game.

Rob: And for me, Oblivion represents a true next-gen role-playing game. Its depth coupled with its beautiful graphics and impressive AI make it a product we only dreamed about 5 years ago. It's difficult to sum this up, other than to say it's one of the best games, RPG or not, that I've ever played.​
Let go off the dick, Rob.

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