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Fallout 76 Map of the Stars and Interrogate the Devs

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Fallout 76 Map of the Stars and Interrogate the Devs

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 23 March 2021, 01:21:21

Tags: Bethesda Softworks; Fallout 76

There's a Roadmap for the meme-tastic Fallout 76 as well as an AMA on March 23rd at 11:30am EST over on Fallout 76 Reddit for those people who, you know, don't work a normal job in the United States, I guess. Anyway, without further or much ado, here's what to expect next:

Get Locked & Loaded with our Spring update! Introducing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, C.A.M.P. Slots, Mannequins, and an all-new Daily Ops expansion, this update is just loaded with new features to explore! For a deeper look at the new features, check out the Inside the Vault article here. Can’t wait to see these new features for yourself? Players who own Fallout 76 on the Bethesda.net launcher can test out all these new features and more in our current iteration of the PTS right now.
Additionally, we hope you haven’t packed away all your snow gear just yet as Armor Ace returns, this time in a fierce battle against Commissioner Chaos and the Yukon Five! Season 4 brings all-new rewards to the Scoreboard, from cosmetics, to consumables and everything in-between.​

Man, you'd be surprised how long I can wait to see those new features. If you need me, I'll be waiting. Next time you check back, I'll still be waiting.

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